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The Section is a form of society for Hungarian professionals and those who are interested in radiation protection, committed to the safe, efficient and professional use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy.

About the Health Physics Section

The Section is an association of Hungarian professionals whom are either working with radiation protection or practice it on a daily basis during their course of work, committed to the safe use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy.

The Health Physics Section of the Roland Eötvös Physical Society’s founding meeting was held in 1962, on the 26th of March ( link ). At the time of its founding, the Section had eighty members ( link ), at the time of the 50th anniversary of founding the Section, it had 160 members. (The Section is 50 years old – only in Hungarian). The Health Physics Section changed its Hungarian name (‘Szakcsoport’ to ‘Szakosztály’) in 2021, which is in use since the 1st of May, 2021. The Section is a founding member of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), founded in 1966.

The main activities of the Health Physics Section:
- Annual Meeting on Radiation Protection. The first meeting was in 1976, and since then the three-day long training is held in every year. The aim of this meeting is to regularly train professionals working in radiation protection, to gauge the results of research related to radiation protection in Hungary and to help establish personal and professional relations.
- Annual evaluation. In the past few years we organise a ‘Radiation Protection Santa’ event in the beginning of December. During this event, the president of the Section evaluates the year and a scientific meeting is held.
- ‘Newsray’. The Health Physics Section issues this periodical four times a year, reaching every member of the Section. The first issue was published in 1996.
- ‘Radiation Protection Online’. An electronic journal, published since 2008, with the title ‘Radiation Protection’. Articles accepted and peer reviewed by the journal are published in a short time.
- Participation in the activities, events and working groups of international organisations, primarily IRPA. Maintenance of relations with other IRPA member societies.
- Organisation of international events. The Health Physics Section, as the Hungarian associative of IRPA (Hungarian IRPA AS) hosts the 6th European IRPA Congress.

Our Honoured


6th European IRPA regional congress in Budapest!!!

On behalf of the Hungarian IRPA AS it is our pleasure to invite you to attend 6th European IRPA regional congress of the International Radiation Protection Association. The congress will be held in Hungary, in the picturesque city of Budapest from 30 May to 3 June 2022.


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30 May and 3 June 2022 VI. European IRPA Regional Congress, Budapest


  • SVonline
  • Radiation Protection online journal, published by the Section



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